X-Ray Glass

Lead Glass

Leaded glass and X-Ray glass is typically mounted into a lead lined frame built into a door or a wall. Uses of leaded glass and X-Ray glass include material testing rooms, veterinary clinics, radiation therapy rooms, laboratory environments, hospital operating rooms, dental offices, and X-Ray rooms. Other applications include mobile shielding protection, observation viewing windows, airport security X-Ray glass, mammography workstations, door glazings, protection panels, and panoramic glazings.

Lead glass is a potassium silicate glass that also has been infused with a small amount of lead oxide as part of its composition. The purpose of the lead component in lead glass is to allow for the transmission of visible light while blocking X-Rays. Specifically, leaded glass and X-Ray glass shields against X-Rays from various types of equipment in the 100 to 300 Kilovolt (KV) range. In addition, the high lead and barium content provide for optimum protection from X-Ray emissions.

ABM Lead can provide leaded glass and X-Ray glass in a wide variety of sizes and thicknesses. Capabilities include custom fabrication of leaded glass and X-Ray glass to unique customer specifications, tolerances and requirements. Along with leaded glass and X-Ray glass, ABM Lead provides lead lining repair for tanks, as well as other available custom services.