Lead X-Ray Shielding

X-Ray Lead Shielding is used in the dental and medical industries, security systems, defense industry applications, nuclear shielding, research and development facilities, electronics applications, aerospace systems and components, CAT Scan and MRI systems, government agency applications, and the mining and drilling sectors, to name a few. ABM Lead prides itself in being able to provide X-Ray Lead Shielding to exact customer specifications and requirements.

ABM Lead has an extensive inventory of lead sheet, bar, plate, rod, wire, pipe, castings, ingots, coils, and anodes to meet the clients’ specific applications with respect to Lead X-Ray Shielding. Custom or special orders to unique customer requirements are ABM Lead’s specialty. ABM Lead specializes in the manufacture of various forms of X-Ray shielding including X-Ray radiation (construction) shielding, X-Ray Lead shielding, and radiation shielding.

ABM Lead can provide X-Ray shielding lead in a variety of thicknesses and sizes, in various widths and lengths. Capabilities include custom fabrication of X-Ray Shielding Lead to unique customer specifications, tolerances and requirements. Along with custom X-Ray Shielding capabilities, ABM Lead has repair and other custom services available.