Lead Tanks

Vertical Storage Tank

Some of ABM Lead’s capabilities include the ability to homogeneously bond lead to tank bodies, sheet lead lining of tanks, service and repair of lead linings, and the fabrication and repair of lead linings for tanks and other containment vessels. Lead's unique combination of high resistance to corrosion, malleability, and high density allow for a versatile range of uses.

Lead used as lead liners and in lead lined tanks has distinct advantages. Specifically, lead linings are highly corrosive-resistant, especially in harsh environments such as salt water, atmospheric, acid, and many chemical applications. For this reason, lead linings are the choice for use in tanks and drums. Lead liners and lead linings are found in a broad range of industries, including chemical, laboratory, medical, security, and other containment applications.

Lead Storage Tank

ABM Lead can provide lead tanks, lead lined tanks, lead liners and lead linings in a wide variety of sizes and thicknesses. Capabilities include custom fabrication of lead tanks and lead lined tanks to unique customer specifications, tolerances and requirements. Along with custom lead tanks, lead lined tanks, lead liners and lead linings, ABM Lead provides lead lining repair for tanks, as well as other available custom services.